Here are the total amounts of swimming biking and running I did this year...

Swim 460,000 yds (261 miles)
Bike 593.41 hours (9,500 miles)
Run 867.2 miles

Here is to a new year filled with endless posibilities!

Winter Base Week 7


Swim 12,300m
Bike 9 hrs
Run 20 mi

Christmas this week saw lots of eating and laziness.

Winter Base Week 6

Swim 4,600m
Bike 12 hrs
Run 32 mi

Made an inexperienced mountain bike mistake on tuesday and scraped myself up pretty good. Had to stay out of the water the rest of the week to let the DERMABOND (miracle-glue) do it's job. Bummed I missed the first week of long course...but glad I did not severely injure myself.

Mood is not in a good place this week for lots of reasons I can no understand and thinking I should speak with someone about that more regularly.

Increased long run to 12 miles this week and made it through with some struggling even with the three mid week runs pushed back a day.

Did not get enough sleep this week...ate too many Christmas cookies.


Winter Base - Week 5


Swim 12,500
Bike 10 hrs
Run 26.5 mi

Have new running shoes coming soon and hoping that that will help with some of the foot and ankle soreness that builds up at the end of the week.

Lots of rain and cold this week...still had some fun this week though. Made it down 'Mailboxes' for the first time without stopping!

Came across this hippie-decorated tree in the middle of nowhere on m mountain bike on thursday!

Winter Base Week 4 (Restish)

Swim 14,600 yds
Bike 15 hrs
Run 16 miles

11/30 - 12/6/2009

Up and down week...I decided early on to take an easy week of running as the last three left my feet/knees/ankles aching. This weeks recovery helped some and I do feel better but still a little aching in left heal/arch. Need new shoes!

Upped the riding a little to compensate for base necessities. Had incredible session in upper campus and wilder on thursday that was nothing less than epic.

Oatmeal before swimming on saturday got me through the run after with one gu but I felt heavy and awkward in the water.

Winter Base Traininig - Week 3

Swim 10,300 yds.
Bike 13 hrs.
Run 36 mi.

Promising fitness indications on the bike this week were especially enjoyable because of the unusually nice weather. Finally made it out to the Cal Giant Turkey Day Ride this year and broke my string of Thanksgiving day crashes. Not as many cycling hours this week but feeling ok about that.


Met running mileage this week but feet/calves/shins are hurting 3 out of 10 at the end of long runs and the last hour of work. Getting a little anxious about not running any hard miles as I really want to push the threshold but trying to keep faith in the regimen.

Swam only two workouts this week...four last week and left shoulder was hurting a bit in the front so that is ok.

Energy is somewhat lacking this weekend...could be from increased running and could be from 2 pies I have eaten since thursday.

2009 Ranking

I don't know what it means but I was 94th in the 25-29 ag and my ranking was 98.29...All American Honors

Winter Base - Week 2


Swim 15,000
Bike 14 hrs
Run 32 mi

Met workloads again this week...not without a struggle though. The feet are feeling the miles of running and it is definitely time for a new set of training shoes.

Managed effort levels better this week and energy level was good late in the week. Did a 20+ hour day on saturday.

Needed a little extra sleep maybe...but able to enjoy everything I am doing.

Winter Base Training - Week 1


Swim 17,150 yds
Bike 14 hrs
Run 28 mi

Things felt good this week...a little tough to fit in so much time on the road with my work schedule. I am happy with the accomplished workloads.

Could have backed off a couple of the early week workouts for sure and would probably have felt better throughout. Have to keep reminding myself that I am prepping to train and not de facto training.

One heavy night of drinking...little tired and wiggly afterward but totally worth it.

Block 10 - Week 2


Swim 11,700 yds
Bike 10 hrs
Run 8 mi

Had a lot of trouble with doubt this week and lack of motivation was close behind.

Hoping to get a fresh start next week.

Mood tends to decline with lack of exercise and hoping as I get back into training next week that will improve.

Block 10 - Week 1


Swim 6,705 yds
Bike 7.75 hrs
Run 0 mi

Nothing to report this week...ate incredible amounts of food and rested all week.

I don't think that my year really justifies a two week break and I will get back on the horse tomorrow.

Block 9 - Week 4 Big Kahuna


Swim 10,000 yds
Bike 12.5 hrs.
Run 24.6 mi.

The Big Kahuna 69.1


This was big kahuna race week and I went with the same regimen that I followed before the sentinel and that worked well. The swim part of the race got canceled so was not 'warmed up' going out onto the bike and the hips hurt some at first while they got warmed up. Base for the ride was good felt like I could push as I wanted the whole way without being toast at the end. With the longer race I should have taken some extra time in transition to put on socks before the run as my feet are torn up with blisters. Some soreness in the outside of my left foot that feels like a bruise in the bone...work does not feel good. Definitely need to build a much larger running base through the winter as the last few miles my feet, knees and hips felt like they were going to fracture. This was a good result though...the time trial was a decent speed average for how long it was and for my first half marathon I am happy with the time. I am going to enjoy the next two weeks of easy sessions, rest and play.

Block 9 - Week 3

10/12 - 10/18/2009

Swim - 14,800 yds.
Bike - 12 hrs.
Run - 15.5 mi.

Felt tired and unmotivated for a lot of this week...signed up for the Big Kahuna anyway.

Looking forward to getting a week or so rest after next weekend. Felt unnaturally tired for a few days mid week...lots of sleep and rest did not help. Maybe too much sun at the pool a day or two.

Emotional exhaustion weighing heavily too but uncertain about how greatly that contributed to tiredness but can not think of any other reasons why I would feel that way.

Block 9 - Week 2


Swim 14,250 yds.
Bike 13.5 hrs.
Run 26.25 mi.

The base seems to be around still after the last two weeks of lower workloads. It was colder this week and that made training a little tough at times.

Increased the long run by about a mile and added two miles of tempo to it...better running form has developed from intervals and racing hard and I am able to hold better posture longer and run faster at the same work level as a result.

Big run night was 3x3200 @ 1/2 mar. pace. I made it through the first two fine at 5:50-5:55 pace and dropped the last 800 m of number three as I felt the ceiling coming down on me.

Ran a few extra base miles this week in probable prep for the Big K. Think that I could be ready in time but probably should get some advice on nutrition and fueling/replenishment for race day.

Block 9 - Week 1

Swim - 13,3500 yds
Bike - 13 hrs
Run - 14.5 mi

Restish week to get the blood flowing again after being sick last week. Still badly congested after 10 days but energy is good every other day.

Workloads low this week...still unsure if I have the time, money or base to ramp up for big k.

Mind was definitely in in other places this week and made it hard to think about training and get excited with so many unanswered questions on my mind.

Block 8 - Week 4 (swine flu)

Swim - 7,250
Bike - 5.5hrs
Run - 0 mi.

After the race on sunday I felt pretty good...but I knew I needed realistic recovery. Super easy on monday and then recovery ride and swim on tuesday left me feeling a bad tickle in sinuses.

Really sick on wednesday...couch all day.

Tried to get in a swim after work thursday and made congestion way worse.

Nothing friday through sunday...decided to take this as end of season rest...super recovery next week then base building...which I am excited for.

Block 8 - Week 3

9/14 - 9/20

Swim 13,100 yd
Bike 13 hrs.
Run 21 mi.

So monday through wednesday were really difficult because I was toast from PG last weekend but I forced myself to get in a couple of good runs and swims. A hard ride on tuesday and some long steady efforts on thursday.

I was still tired by sunday morning but the muscles recovered well enough to get up and go hard on sunday for the sentinel.


Race Notes:

Experienced good strategy in an open water swim for the first time...finding a young local kid that is a swimming phenom and actually drafted for the first time. Really felt great coming out of the water...a first!

Need to get better aero position worked out on my bike and learn how to pace time trialing on rollers...found myself accelerating and recovering rather than riding evenly.

Rode to warm up rather than running and I think that worked well.

Run time was my best 10k so far...the last mile I was barely hanging on to pace/consciousness/life and had to sit down at the finish line...fall down really.

Block 8 - Week2

9/7 - 9/13/09 Resting for sunday race

Swim 9,500 yds.
Bike 10.5 hrs.
Run 13 mi

Training notes:

Don't lift heavy garbage cans when your body is in recovery mode. More running may have been necessary during the week as run speed did not improve much with major rest this last week.

Lots of random sporadic aches and pains that were short lived...not a bad sign necessarily...neither are the 'taper tantrums' I had mid week.

Sunday: PG Oly Tri - 2:06:37 - 6th overall - 4th in 25-29


I will get a long sleeve wetsuit before ever doing this one again. I froze instantly and the numbness in my hands and feet destroyed my transitions.

The run was more evenly paced than anything...the swim I went out way to hard and at about 300 meters seriously considered throwing in the towel. The bike I did the same and burned up my lungs pretty good.

I need to find out what is necessary to become a much faster runner...like 20 seconds per mile at least...with that I could have won from my bike transition.

Swallowed a lot of water in the beginning of the swim for some reason...and paid for it.

All in all I am feeling better about my placing though I did not qualify for alcatraz or my elite license I feel like my placing was still good and I should look at is as something to build on.

Block 8 : Week 1


Swim 14,050yd
Bike 16 hrs.
Run 19.5 mi.

Several tough workouts this week...but I am exhausted! May not have taken it easy enough last week or may just be broken down well. Did recovery easy on sunday to start the rest/focus week for racing next weekend.

Started getting grumpy on Wednesday morning for some reason and it has been on a roll since then. Bad moods, touchiness and cynicism about most things all week. Negativity about next weekend's race too...not good.

Sleepy like never before...I am sure I could sleep 12 hours a night if I didn't have a schedule.

Long runs tuesday and thursday left me with some joint weakness and soreness in the left ankle...still twinges after 2 days no running.

Swanton TT on thursday after 15 k tempo mixer run on thursday...was ok...painful and windy.

Will rest more this week than originally planned because of greater breakdown and exhaustion than anticipated...and have no choice about performing well next weekend.

2009 : Block 7 - Week 4 (rest)


Swim 6,800 yds
Bike 14 hrs
Run 18.25

Nice to train with no pressure on...and feels nice to bang out a long ride and feel refreshed after. Did a lot of dreaming about blasting solo through finish lines and gaping age grouper fields this week, mind is still in a positive place...so glad.

Several strange muscle aches mid week: left hamstring went into full soreness mode after the weeks long easy run tuesday morn. Massage/stretch/compression got it to just stiff in two days. Long solo ride with tt set up in the heat felt pretty good...outer hip flexor a little worked from the angle but stretching out well after two trainer spins on sunday.

Taint ok after being forced to ride on the Toupe Ti this week in aero position, was worried about it but seems ok.

Only two swims this week...chose to sleep in one day and skip the third...hope the upper body will respond ok next week.

More relaxed shennanigans this week ie. wine and cranium as opposed to the red/clouds and wild turkey. My body liked that a lot more.

Good solid pooskie today after three cupcakes last night... :) Will try SG's dairy suggestion and perhaps coconut milk too after PG in two weeks.

2009 : Block 7 Week 3

Swim 14,250
Bike 18 hrs.
Run 19.5 mi.

Great workouts this week...needed a lot of sports drink and Gu to get through some of it. Did less partying this week and was able to function properly at work sunday night.

University Road Race on sunday went well...was well placed to finish on podium but I dropped my chain on the second to last lap and had to chase the rest of the way. There were deffingately a few guys in there that were stronger than me but few that could outright drop the rest of us. Good indicator of fitness. Transition run after the race felt good but I am glad to be at the end of the training block.

Contemplating doing a two week taper for PG and taking my shot instead of training through to Tinleys...but we will see how I feel end of the rest week.


Athletic socks at work felt better than regular dress socks and feet were not so swollen.

Cliff 30 min from the end of the bike and a Gu in transition left me a little lacking at 3-3.5 miles into the run.

2009 : Block 7 Week 2


Swim 14,000 yd
Bike 14 hrs.
Run 21 mi.

Good fitness indicators this week...10x100 @ 1:10 on wednesday and strong swims on friday. Four hours of climbing followed by a four mile tempo run on thursday felt pretty good in terms of energy level towards the end of the run...cliff/gu off the bike probably responsible.

Partied WAY too hard on saturday and after 10 mile run w/tempo and ocean swim it was impossible to be hugely productive at work. Two hours of sleep on saturday night...six on sunday...swam ok then four and a half more in the morn and I feel ok finally.


Get more sleep

Don't combine margaritas/tacos/guiness/wild turkey/buttery nipple/coldstone sunday/scoobie snack in one night.

Soda Springs 8/13/09

Just wanted to make a quick post about today's workout.

Did soda springs with Art Rand, a really strong climber who is on good for this year, and all told the ride was four hours sixty miles and 5,500 feet of climbing. I told myself I would do a transition run today so I brought lots of food and forced myself to stay out of the high 170's, regardless of how bad Art was dropping me, so that I would remain fresh for a quick run after.

I had a GU just before I turned onto my street at the end of the run and quickly changed to running gear. Took a minute or two and checked out my leg to see if the irritation from my shorts was bad or not and threw a condescending remark at the cat who has been napping all day in the corner before I was out the door.

The run was four miles with some rolling hills and I think was at about 6:30-:40 pace...not sure, but felt good. Tired but good.

This is one of the toughest workouts I have done this year from a workload standpoint; one of those where you are not totally sure how or if you are gonna get to the end of it with any grace at all, but I am happy with how it went.