2009 : Block 7 Week 2


Swim 14,000 yd
Bike 14 hrs.
Run 21 mi.

Good fitness indicators this week...10x100 @ 1:10 on wednesday and strong swims on friday. Four hours of climbing followed by a four mile tempo run on thursday felt pretty good in terms of energy level towards the end of the run...cliff/gu off the bike probably responsible.

Partied WAY too hard on saturday and after 10 mile run w/tempo and ocean swim it was impossible to be hugely productive at work. Two hours of sleep on saturday night...six on sunday...swam ok then four and a half more in the morn and I feel ok finally.


Get more sleep

Don't combine margaritas/tacos/guiness/wild turkey/buttery nipple/coldstone sunday/scoobie snack in one night.

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