2009 : Block 7 Week 3

Swim 14,250
Bike 18 hrs.
Run 19.5 mi.

Great workouts this week...needed a lot of sports drink and Gu to get through some of it. Did less partying this week and was able to function properly at work sunday night.

University Road Race on sunday went well...was well placed to finish on podium but I dropped my chain on the second to last lap and had to chase the rest of the way. There were deffingately a few guys in there that were stronger than me but few that could outright drop the rest of us. Good indicator of fitness. Transition run after the race felt good but I am glad to be at the end of the training block.

Contemplating doing a two week taper for PG and taking my shot instead of training through to Tinleys...but we will see how I feel end of the rest week.


Athletic socks at work felt better than regular dress socks and feet were not so swollen.

Cliff 30 min from the end of the bike and a Gu in transition left me a little lacking at 3-3.5 miles into the run.

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  1. hey guy

    i know you're probably dialed in with your diet, but when you're all done i want you to try something.

    drink a can of coconut water before or after a workout. they're sold at staff of life and new leaf. i've done it a couple times in the last month, and i'm finding i go into workouts with more pep or i come out of workouts feeling like i can keep going. it's an isotonic drink, so lots of potassium and magnesium. anyway, try it if you want.

    and yea, less cheese/milk = less gas. replace the milk with lactaid milk. no joke. it's a lot easier to digest (because it has lactase in it to break down lactose to glucose and galactose), lasts longer than regular milk, and tastes better (or so I think).