2009 : Block 7 - Week 4 (rest)


Swim 6,800 yds
Bike 14 hrs
Run 18.25

Nice to train with no pressure on...and feels nice to bang out a long ride and feel refreshed after. Did a lot of dreaming about blasting solo through finish lines and gaping age grouper fields this week, mind is still in a positive place...so glad.

Several strange muscle aches mid week: left hamstring went into full soreness mode after the weeks long easy run tuesday morn. Massage/stretch/compression got it to just stiff in two days. Long solo ride with tt set up in the heat felt pretty good...outer hip flexor a little worked from the angle but stretching out well after two trainer spins on sunday.

Taint ok after being forced to ride on the Toupe Ti this week in aero position, was worried about it but seems ok.

Only two swims this week...chose to sleep in one day and skip the third...hope the upper body will respond ok next week.

More relaxed shennanigans this week ie. wine and cranium as opposed to the red/clouds and wild turkey. My body liked that a lot more.

Good solid pooskie today after three cupcakes last night... :) Will try SG's dairy suggestion and perhaps coconut milk too after PG in two weeks.

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  1. Nice to meet you and congrats on your Swanton TT. Be good to do some training together and I've got some ideas on your training mix if you're interested in hearing them after PG. You'll be flying after your taper...