Soda Springs 8/13/09

Just wanted to make a quick post about today's workout.

Did soda springs with Art Rand, a really strong climber who is on good for this year, and all told the ride was four hours sixty miles and 5,500 feet of climbing. I told myself I would do a transition run today so I brought lots of food and forced myself to stay out of the high 170's, regardless of how bad Art was dropping me, so that I would remain fresh for a quick run after.

I had a GU just before I turned onto my street at the end of the run and quickly changed to running gear. Took a minute or two and checked out my leg to see if the irritation from my shorts was bad or not and threw a condescending remark at the cat who has been napping all day in the corner before I was out the door.

The run was four miles with some rolling hills and I think was at about 6:30-:40 pace...not sure, but felt good. Tired but good.

This is one of the toughest workouts I have done this year from a workload standpoint; one of those where you are not totally sure how or if you are gonna get to the end of it with any grace at all, but I am happy with how it went.

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