Block 8 : Week 1


Swim 14,050yd
Bike 16 hrs.
Run 19.5 mi.

Several tough workouts this week...but I am exhausted! May not have taken it easy enough last week or may just be broken down well. Did recovery easy on sunday to start the rest/focus week for racing next weekend.

Started getting grumpy on Wednesday morning for some reason and it has been on a roll since then. Bad moods, touchiness and cynicism about most things all week. Negativity about next weekend's race too...not good.

Sleepy like never before...I am sure I could sleep 12 hours a night if I didn't have a schedule.

Long runs tuesday and thursday left me with some joint weakness and soreness in the left ankle...still twinges after 2 days no running.

Swanton TT on thursday after 15 k tempo mixer run on thursday...was ok...painful and windy.

Will rest more this week than originally planned because of greater breakdown and exhaustion than anticipated...and have no choice about performing well next weekend.

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