Block 8 - Week2

9/7 - 9/13/09 Resting for sunday race

Swim 9,500 yds.
Bike 10.5 hrs.
Run 13 mi

Training notes:

Don't lift heavy garbage cans when your body is in recovery mode. More running may have been necessary during the week as run speed did not improve much with major rest this last week.

Lots of random sporadic aches and pains that were short lived...not a bad sign necessarily...neither are the 'taper tantrums' I had mid week.

Sunday: PG Oly Tri - 2:06:37 - 6th overall - 4th in 25-29

I will get a long sleeve wetsuit before ever doing this one again. I froze instantly and the numbness in my hands and feet destroyed my transitions.

The run was more evenly paced than anything...the swim I went out way to hard and at about 300 meters seriously considered throwing in the towel. The bike I did the same and burned up my lungs pretty good.

I need to find out what is necessary to become a much faster 20 seconds per mile at least...with that I could have won from my bike transition.

Swallowed a lot of water in the beginning of the swim for some reason...and paid for it.

All in all I am feeling better about my placing though I did not qualify for alcatraz or my elite license I feel like my placing was still good and I should look at is as something to build on.

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