Block 9 - Week 4 Big Kahuna


Swim 10,000 yds
Bike 12.5 hrs.
Run 24.6 mi.

The Big Kahuna 69.1

This was big kahuna race week and I went with the same regimen that I followed before the sentinel and that worked well. The swim part of the race got canceled so was not 'warmed up' going out onto the bike and the hips hurt some at first while they got warmed up. Base for the ride was good felt like I could push as I wanted the whole way without being toast at the end. With the longer race I should have taken some extra time in transition to put on socks before the run as my feet are torn up with blisters. Some soreness in the outside of my left foot that feels like a bruise in the does not feel good. Definitely need to build a much larger running base through the winter as the last few miles my feet, knees and hips felt like they were going to fracture. This was a good result though...the time trial was a decent speed average for how long it was and for my first half marathon I am happy with the time. I am going to enjoy the next two weeks of easy sessions, rest and play.

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