Winter Base Traininig - Week 3

Swim 10,300 yds.
Bike 13 hrs.
Run 36 mi.

Promising fitness indications on the bike this week were especially enjoyable because of the unusually nice weather. Finally made it out to the Cal Giant Turkey Day Ride this year and broke my string of Thanksgiving day crashes. Not as many cycling hours this week but feeling ok about that.


Met running mileage this week but feet/calves/shins are hurting 3 out of 10 at the end of long runs and the last hour of work. Getting a little anxious about not running any hard miles as I really want to push the threshold but trying to keep faith in the regimen.

Swam only two workouts this week...four last week and left shoulder was hurting a bit in the front so that is ok.

Energy is somewhat lacking this weekend...could be from increased running and could be from 2 pies I have eaten since thursday.

2009 Ranking

I don't know what it means but I was 94th in the 25-29 ag and my ranking was 98.29...All American Honors

Winter Base - Week 2


Swim 15,000
Bike 14 hrs
Run 32 mi

Met workloads again this week...not without a struggle though. The feet are feeling the miles of running and it is definitely time for a new set of training shoes.

Managed effort levels better this week and energy level was good late in the week. Did a 20+ hour day on saturday.

Needed a little extra sleep maybe...but able to enjoy everything I am doing.

Winter Base Training - Week 1


Swim 17,150 yds
Bike 14 hrs
Run 28 mi

Things felt good this week...a little tough to fit in so much time on the road with my work schedule. I am happy with the accomplished workloads.

Could have backed off a couple of the early week workouts for sure and would probably have felt better throughout. Have to keep reminding myself that I am prepping to train and not de facto training.

One heavy night of drinking...little tired and wiggly afterward but totally worth it.

Block 10 - Week 2


Swim 11,700 yds
Bike 10 hrs
Run 8 mi

Had a lot of trouble with doubt this week and lack of motivation was close behind.

Hoping to get a fresh start next week.

Mood tends to decline with lack of exercise and hoping as I get back into training next week that will improve.

Block 10 - Week 1


Swim 6,705 yds
Bike 7.75 hrs
Run 0 mi

Nothing to report this week...ate incredible amounts of food and rested all week.

I don't think that my year really justifies a two week break and I will get back on the horse tomorrow.