Here are the total amounts of swimming biking and running I did this year...

Swim 460,000 yds (261 miles)
Bike 593.41 hours (9,500 miles)
Run 867.2 miles

Here is to a new year filled with endless posibilities!

Winter Base Week 7


Swim 12,300m
Bike 9 hrs
Run 20 mi

Christmas this week saw lots of eating and laziness.

Winter Base Week 6

Swim 4,600m
Bike 12 hrs
Run 32 mi

Made an inexperienced mountain bike mistake on tuesday and scraped myself up pretty good. Had to stay out of the water the rest of the week to let the DERMABOND (miracle-glue) do it's job. Bummed I missed the first week of long course...but glad I did not severely injure myself.

Mood is not in a good place this week for lots of reasons I can no understand and thinking I should speak with someone about that more regularly.

Increased long run to 12 miles this week and made it through with some struggling even with the three mid week runs pushed back a day.

Did not get enough sleep this week...ate too many Christmas cookies.


Winter Base - Week 5


Swim 12,500
Bike 10 hrs
Run 26.5 mi

Have new running shoes coming soon and hoping that that will help with some of the foot and ankle soreness that builds up at the end of the week.

Lots of rain and cold this week...still had some fun this week though. Made it down 'Mailboxes' for the first time without stopping!

Came across this hippie-decorated tree in the middle of nowhere on m mountain bike on thursday!

Winter Base Week 4 (Restish)

Swim 14,600 yds
Bike 15 hrs
Run 16 miles

11/30 - 12/6/2009

Up and down week...I decided early on to take an easy week of running as the last three left my feet/knees/ankles aching. This weeks recovery helped some and I do feel better but still a little aching in left heal/arch. Need new shoes!

Upped the riding a little to compensate for base necessities. Had incredible session in upper campus and wilder on thursday that was nothing less than epic.

Oatmeal before swimming on saturday got me through the run after with one gu but I felt heavy and awkward in the water.