Bolck 1 - Week 3

1/25 - 1/31/2010

Swim 13,050 yds
Bike 11 3/4 hrs
Run 28 miles

On an off this week with the motivation but got the first group of interval workouts of the year out of the way. 5x10min, 4x6min and 6hr ride on the bike as well as broken super circuits on Wednesday at the track. Achieved desired over distance run this week with 16 miler on Sunday.

San Juan

Nothing like being showed where you actually stand.

Block 1 - Week 2

1/18 - 1/24/2010

Swim 9,850 yds
Bike 7 1/4 hrs
Run 34 miles

Lots fo rain this week...had trouble getting motivated to ride much and crammed a little to get running miles in the late week.

Block 1 - Week 2

1/11 - 1/17/2010

Swim 20,500 yds
Bike 12 hrs
Run 16 mi

The rain and fighting off some kind of something threw off my energy and schedule this week. It will rain all the next week and I have spent most of the last week worrying about how I am going to accomplish putting together any kind of regular training regimen in non-trainable conditions.

Block 1 - Week 1

Swim 14,750 yds
Bike 14 1/4 hrs
Run 32.5 mi

First week back on point and things felt pretty good. Several good indications of early season fitness and base is holding up well.

Right knee tenderness over the patella not bad enough to skip and workloads...some icing only helped marginally. Tip of left indicator toe also somewhat sore to pressure after long run on sunday.

1/4 - 1/10/2010

Even with a couple of what felt like tough workouts this week energy level is still not bad at all on sunday afternoon.

Winter "Base" Week 8


Swim 4,400 meters
Bike 5 3/4 hours
Run 8 miles

Sick four days this week...glad I got in what I did. It begins anew next week.