Block 2 - Week 3

2/22 - 2/28/2010

Swim 15,000 yds
Bike 11.5 hrs
Run 28 miles

Legs were exhausted by the end of the week and my feet, anckles and knees feel like they are on their last thread. More rain this week and work brought down some of the bike miles.

I am so glad I get a rest week I could cry.

Block 2 - Week 2

2/15 - 2/21/2010

Swim 14,500 yds
Bike 15 hours
Run 28 miles

On and off motivation and optimism this week that tracked with the weather. The rain is taking a toll on my gear and mental fortitude. Lots of work this week left me feeling slugish during workouts with less recovery. Fitness looks good though.

Still on the fence about Xterra with a frustrating MTB session on thursday and with the bike being in such poor shape.

Trying to hold on...

Block 2 - Week 1

Swim 14,500 yds
Bike 14.5 hrs
Run 28 mi

A few good short tough workouts this week and long hard sessions both saturday and sunday. A little below where I want to be at with my running speed but fitness and base feels good.

Block 1 - Week 4

Swim 13,550 yd
Bike 12 hours
Run 22 miles

On and off week...

10k on sunday was not very well paced...5:31 to start...averaged like 5:50. The math does not bode well.