Block 3 - Week 3

3/22 - 3/28/2010

Swim 13,600 yds
Bike 13 hours
Run 24 miles

Though week this week...never felt rested or strong at any point. Very tired. Resting hard next week.

Xterra is fun but though and my mountain bike is apparently not exactly a race bike. The constant acceleration was tough and not very well suited to my abilities but definitely a fun event once I got through the frustrations.

Really hoping all this work pays off...

Block 3 - Week 2

3/15 - 3/21/2008

Swim 15,200 yds
Bike 14.5 hours
Run 20 miles

Some moments of real strength this week but went to failure and outright bonk in the later stages of many workouts.

T1 went poorly again...I am unwilling to sacrifice early pace and am having trouble hanging on later in the run. Had to stop, recover and continue on with a build. Should set new goals for T1 intensity.

Run form also suffering; because of tiredness? Dunno...hoping this will all pay off.

Block 3 - Week 1

3/8 - 3/14/2010

Swim 9,000 yds
Bike 11.25 hrs
Run 28 miles

Sick in bed monday and tuesday left me at almost 10 days rest going into wednesday so I was feeling a strange blend of powerful spurts of energy and dragging congestion from the cold. Happy to have gotten some very strong workouts late in the week to make up for the days off. Very good runs saturday and sunday.

The best thing about getting faster is that the same distance takes less time.

Block 2 - Week 4 (rest)

Swim 12,750 yds
Bike 13 hrs
Run 20 mi

Really nice to have the pressure off this week...mental state was good. Glad to have time and energy to hang with friends.

Lots of strange aches and pains that each only lasted a short while...which seems to be a common issue on rest weeks.