Block 4 - Week 3

4/19 - 4/25/2010

Swim 14,000 yds
Bike 11 hours
Run 20 miles

This week I followed through with training hard until wednesday and then began a rest week on thursday. I realized that I skipped a hard ride last thursday and then again this tuesday...OOPS! Things are feeling ok but the anticipation of racing next sunday is a little overwhelming. I have no idea how it is going to go but I know it is going to be something big.

Block 4 - Week 2

4/12 - 4/18/2010

Swim 14,400 yds
Bike 12 hrs
Run 26.5 miles

Good breakdown and hard work put in this week. Great SIM session on friday morning. Good and tired by the end of the week. Awesome train session on sunday in Mt. Diablo open space...all this rain has really paid off and running in groves of poppies and seven foot fields of mustard seed was such a pleasure.

Block 4 - Week 1

4/5 - 4/11/2010

This has been the most productive and most intense week of training I have had so far. There have been major indications of the progress of my fitness this week and I am so happy to get some positive feedback from my body that I am on the right track and progressing. Since this has been such a good week I wanted to do details on the daily workouts and important points.

a.m. Swim 5,000 (10X200 in 4,3,2,1 descending by group)
p.m. Ride 6X6:00 vo2max under-overs

a.m. Ride 4 hrs. Mt. Charlie loop + Giro Ride

a.m. Swim 5,000 (3X300 descending)
p.m. Run 8 mi. (8X[800@2:45+400ez])

a.m. Ride 5 hrs. Eureka Cyn. + Soda Springs (W/ BJM)

a.m. Swim 4,300 (150's & 200's @FWT {last 200=2:01})
a.m. T1 (60 min spin down TT + 4 mi @5:47/mile)

a.m. Ride 3 hrs. 'Harbor Ride' Strong short efforts on San Andreas & Long on the Dell

a.m. Run 16 mi. Pushing from 9-13

Weekly Totals

Swim 14,500 yds
Bike 16 hrs 45 min
Run 28 mi

Sundays post run breakfast...

Block 3 - Week 4

3/29 - 4/4/2010

Siwm 12,700 yds
Bike 8.75 hours
Run 16 miles

Getting used to feeling tired and awkward on rest weeks. Strange aches and pains and sporadic hunger and energy levels all week. Ready to get at it and do some serious speed work!