Block 4 - Week 1

4/5 - 4/11/2010

This has been the most productive and most intense week of training I have had so far. There have been major indications of the progress of my fitness this week and I am so happy to get some positive feedback from my body that I am on the right track and progressing. Since this has been such a good week I wanted to do details on the daily workouts and important points.

a.m. Swim 5,000 (10X200 in 4,3,2,1 descending by group)
p.m. Ride 6X6:00 vo2max under-overs

a.m. Ride 4 hrs. Mt. Charlie loop + Giro Ride

a.m. Swim 5,000 (3X300 descending)
p.m. Run 8 mi. (8X[800@2:45+400ez])

a.m. Ride 5 hrs. Eureka Cyn. + Soda Springs (W/ BJM)

a.m. Swim 4,300 (150's & 200's @FWT {last 200=2:01})
a.m. T1 (60 min spin down TT + 4 mi @5:47/mile)

a.m. Ride 3 hrs. 'Harbor Ride' Strong short efforts on San Andreas & Long on the Dell

a.m. Run 16 mi. Pushing from 9-13

Weekly Totals

Swim 14,500 yds
Bike 16 hrs 45 min
Run 28 mi

Sundays post run breakfast...

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