Block 6 - Week 4

6/17 - 6/27/2007

Swim 17,050 yds
Bike 21.5 hrs
Run 57.5 miles

This was the last of the hard training sessions before I begin taper for VINEMAN 70.3 I am exhausted and recover was beginning to disappear entirely at the end of this last week. I am excited to get some long rest and take a real shot at testing the results of all the work I have done so far this year. I am trying to keep a positive sate of mind in anticipation of the race and take as good of care of my body as I can.

Block 6 - Week 3

6/10 - 6/16/2009

Swim 9,100 yds
Bike 13 hrs
Run 22.5 mi

Tune up race at SVIT yielded really good time and fitness markers. Fell a little low on the cadence side of the ride. Helmet issue and misplaced penalty...whatever.

Block 6 - Week 2

6/2 - 6/9/2010

Swim 11,800 yds
Bike 11 hrs
Run 32 miles

Legs really aching and lashing back this week but definitely had a couple 'freak' days which was kind of cool.

Block 6 - Week 1

5/27 - 6/2/2010

Swim 12,200 yds
Bike 11 hrs
Run 28 mi

Sick the first day of the week and missed a ride two runs and half a swim. Some residual congestion five days out but glad I took it easy. Slow going getting this block off the ground but there is big rest to come and I am trying to hang on to that.