Time Off

After confirming today that I do not have to produce a re-qualification this calendar year I have decided to take my end of the year break now as my energy is all off and my knee is having some problems. I will start up training and updates again in a few weeks.

No Mans Land

8/9 - 8/15/2010

Swim 13,750
Bike 13.5 hours
Run 22 miles

After back to back races last weekend my feet were all torn up and I was exhausted so the first few days this week were a loss. Friday my knee started hurting in a funny way and though I am anxious to train as usual I am torn. I have to produce one more good result this year to be eligible for my license next season. I would like to get that done soon. I can't run much and in a couple of weeks I will be out of condition. I am hoping that with rest my leg will feel better soon.



Swim 11,450 yds
Bike 9.5 hrs
Run 16.5 mi

Finished hard week on tuesday and took it easy till saturday. Hard racing both saturday and sunday...rough course and conditions leave my feet and legs hurting. I think it is good to have done a few good hard efforts.


7/26 - 8/1/2010

Swim 13,600 yds
Bike 13 hrs
Run 37.5 mi

Energy level coming back but still hit and miss. Encouraged though that I am able to get some good workouts in and that I am not actually out of shape from taper as I had feared.