12/27/2010 - 1/2/2011

This week marks the beginning of a brand new year.


Swim 11,600 yds
Bike 12 hrs
Run 26 mi

Yearly Totals for 2010

With a new year on the horizon I am looking forward to some incredible races. For one last day though I am looking back at the past year and going over my successes and failures, my ups and downs and everything I have learned along the way. I am hopeful about my future success and I really look forward to getting a chance to test the results of all the hard work I have put in. The greatest boost comes from totaling all the laps, miles and hours from the past year and seeing it in total...so here it is.

Swim 579,100 yards
Bike 554.5 hrs ~ 9,150 miles
Run 1,245 miles

12/20 - 12/26/2010

I love the holidays but major daily social obligations don't really make for a great training environment.

Swim 12,100 yds
Bike 5 hrs
Run 30 mi

12/13 - 12/19/2010

Had some trouble fighting weather and motivation/energy frustrations most of the week but still managed to get the long run going again by sunday.


Swim 10,250 yds
Bike 5.75 hrs
Run 30 mi

12/6 - 12/12/2010

Sudo-rest week this week and back to it on saturday. Ended up with the longest ride of my life with the harbor group.


Feeling good though and felt a litle bump from the rest so that is a good indication that I am getting back on track. :)

Swim 13,500 yds
Bike 14 3/4 hrs
Run 24 mi

11/29 - 12/5/2010

Things started feeling easier this week. Had to dodge a little rain and readjust but got a good week in. Really need to find a way to get more riding in. This might be a long winter of sitting on the trainer.

Swim 12,800 yds
Bike 9 3/4 hrs
Run 26 mi