1/24 - 1/30/2011

This was the week of base training for me. I decided to race Ironman 70.3 Oceanside at the beginning of April so I want to shift to regular workloads for February and March. This was one of the most voluminous months of training I have had to date and I am for sure feeling it. Looking forward to some rest.

Swim 15,000 yds.
Bike 9.25 hrs.
Run 27 mi.

1/17 - 1/23/2011

Got a lot of workouts in this week. On target for my goal base running miles and the body is still holding up which is great. I had a couple of instances of feeling really fit this week which feels great and has helped me get into a positive mindset for the season.

I also picked up my very first official sponsor! Xterra Wetsuits!

I am beginning to piece together my race calendar for next year and I am getting really excited to test myself in some big events.

Swim 11,000 yds
Bike 13.25 hrs
Run 40 mi


This January has been incredible so far due in no small part to the unbelievable weather we have been having on the central coast. Cory and John Caletti of Caletti Cycles organized a group of people to split off from the Harbor Ride and head down to Monterrey and back this Saturday. The weather was perfect and I brought out the TT bike for the occasion.

I had a lot of fun chatting with old friends and meeting new people too. This is my favorite kind of ride and a wonderful reminder of how much I enjoy my sport.

1/10 - 1/16/2011

Back at it full swing thanks to incredible mid winter weather. :)

Swim 14,000 yds
Bike 9 hrs
Run 34 mi

1/3 - 1/9/2011

For some reason I did not feel rested at the end of the week. I think I am gonna try to return to week end splits instead of mid week for the next few months. I also definitely need to make a better effort to get a good nights sleep when I need it and to make better dietary choices :)

Swim 14,000 yds
Bike 13.5 hrs
Run 26 mi