2/21 - 2/27/2011

I got off to a good start this week...with my hip problem from last week loosening up things felt a little sore and out-of-wack but I got some good workouts in this week. The weather has been really cold and lots of people have been getting sick so when I felt a tickle in my throat and swollen glands in my neck friday night I decided to take it easy over the weekend.

Swim 15,000 yds
Bike 8 hrs
Run 26 mi

2/14 -2/20/2011

This week was tough...by wednesday I had a bad ache in my right leg that felt like it could have been my hip or something wrong mid thigh. It really felt like a stress fracture in the femur or a bone bruise or something. Some really painful deep-tissue work in my right hamstring seems to have relieved the majority of the pain. I had to take a couple of days off running and once the bad weather kicked in I was too downtrodden to get the motivation up to finish the week. This was in a way good however because it forced me to look at my motivation and determination honestly. Feeling better today and I am going to try to get back to it this week.

Swim 11,000 yds
Bike 7 hours
Run 14 mi

2/7 - 2/13/2011

This was my first week of regular-season-structured training. I got a lot of good workouts in this week and to date I think this was probably my most consistent and hardest week of training. I figure that means I earned one of these...

Though I plan on adding a few more miles of running and one more pool session a week to the regimen by mid season I am really pleased with where my fitness is at right now and with completing a tough week like this week.

Swim 18,000 yds
Bike 13.25 hrs
Run 42 mi

P.S. All of my runs are posted at my Garmin Connect profile page --->

1/31 - 2/6/2011

Finished the rest week and got into the first week of build up to race season. I took it way too easy the first few days of rest and my body totally tightened up. A short run left my foot hurting and all efforts, even easy ones, felt like I was dragging. Got things in order and had an epic ride and run on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Great news on the sponsorship front this week! I got an offer to join the Brooks I.D. Program which will offer an awesome amount of support with my running gear! I am really excited about this one because Brooks shoes are the only ones that fit my feet correctly and I run through a ton of them...plus they have some super sick models out this year!

Swim 6,000 yds
Bike 10.75 hrs
Run 26 mi