3/21 - 3/27/2011

This was a pretty good week. I missed a swim and the ride hours were short because of some unfortunate weather. I think I am getting some serious work done with the running as my legs are wrecked. Especially after my second annual birthday run in the city http://connect.garmin.com/activity/75723230. Got a lot of bike projects done this week too and finally got the last piece of the bike equation in. ZIPP 404 carbon clinchers and they are a thing of beauty.

Swim 15,000 yds
Bike   9.25 hrs 
Run    41 mi

3/14 - 3/20/2011

If you are unfamiliar with the weather that rolled into California this week then I appreciate you checking into my blog from a far off continent. The heaviest weather we have had all winter arrived Friday which needless to say makes training a little difficult. I feel god this week though and got in my longest indoor trainer workout to date.

Really starting to focus a lot of mental energy on prep for Wildflower which I know is a tough course and where I know there will be really strong people competing (men that will for sure crush me and women that might too). I am excited to test and push myself with what I feel is better mental and physical preparedness for the long-course distance race.

Swim 15,000 yds
Bike   11.25 hrs
Run    34 mi

3/7 - 3/13/2011

My original plan was to shift the weekly separation to mid week this week however I was feeling so run down on Monday I just made this whole week the rest week. To be honest I don't feel that rested after this easy week but there is not much I can do about that. It is now less than seven weeks until Wildflower and I really need to get one big, but more importantly, consistent block in before then and that will be the goal for the next month. I do enjoy the easy days where I can stop and enjoy the scenery though!

Swim 9,000 yds
Bike   9 hrs
Run   18 mi

2/28 - 3/6/2011

My energy was still a little spotty this week and the weather was too. I got the sense that I have not been doing enough high intensity work with my run so I will try to add some of that in. Next week I am going to switch to mid week block separation so I will start a rest week on thursday. After that it is a big training block in preparation for Wildflower.

Swim 13,000 yds
Bike 13.5 hrs
Run 34 mi