5/23 - 5/29/2011

This was a very up and down week for me. I got off on the right foot but my confidence and energy was broken by mid week and I ended up with a minor sinus cold. I skipped a couple of workouts but wanted to make the TOC Sufferfest on Saturday put on by Jeff Traugott.

Even though I didn't feel all that great I still went for it Saturday morning. The Sufferfest (120 miles) ended up being around 8.5 hrs ride time, the last 2 of which were in the rain and wind back down the coast and 9,000+ feet of climbing, 5,000+ of which was in the dirt. It was an incredible experience. I saw some majestic views that took my breath away and shared in a serious experience of human strength and perseverance.

The incredible ride Saturday made up some for my disappointment with the week but realistically if I keep having these weeks where I fall short I doubt I am going to be improving much this year at all.

Swim 13,000 yds
Bike   12.25 hrs
Run    17.25 mi

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