6/20 - 6/26/2011

Got off to a good start this week with an extra layer of strength in my legs but must have eaten something funny and/or be fighting something off because friday I really felt run down and even with saturday off I still feel lacking.

Even though I am sure this is not a training volume problem I think after these big mid season events I am going to adjust some of my daily volumes and reduce some of my bike miles to ensure better sustained energy throughout blocks.

Swim 17,000 yds
Bike   10.5 hrs
Run    30 mi

6/13 - 6/19/2011

Finished up some good recovery from my last block this week. It was nice to have some time for adventures and relaxation.
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 The weather has really started to turn around and work is getting busy finally so lots going on. I spent some time getting entry and equipment requirements figured out for my big races in July (Treasure Island & Vineman). Opened up the legs this weekend for the last big push of training and preparation. Not feeling entirely myself but hopefully once I get the week rolling I will feel better about things.

Swim 9,000 yds
Bike  12 hrs
Run   24 mi

6/6 - 6/12/2011

Finished off my training block this week and shifted into a recovery week. One more block before my big mid season races. Tired but feeling good!

Swim 13,000 yds
Bike   10.5 hrs
Run    24 mi

5/30 - 6/5/2011

This is my 100th post!

Although I did not hit every one of my targets right on this week this is the closest I have come to my optimal weekly training goal. I did a post like this last year when I had a really good week so I figured I would  give the full break down for this week.

Swim 5,300 yds
   'The Primes' - 35 Swims @ :55 Where the Prime Numbers are 50's and all others are 75's
Bike 45 min

Swim 3,100 yds 2X(4X100 @1:15/1:10 , 3X150 IM/mod/build , 3X50 FAST)
Bike  3 hrs - Trainer 2x15 min threshold, 6X(3 min hard 1 min rest), 8X(2min hard 1 min rest)
Run   6 miles Threshold Transition
Swim 5,000 yds 8x(300 descending in groups of 4)
Bike   45 min
Run    8 miles 6X(1 mile @20k pace)

Bike 3 hours  4X(25 min @ Threshold)
Run  4 miles  Race Pace Transition

Swim 5,000 yds 12X(200 Descending in groups of 4)
Bike   45 minutes
Run    10 miles 3X(.5 mi easy & 2 mi @ 40k pace

Bike 3.5 hrs Trainer 3X(20,10,5,4,3,2,1 min increasing power)

Run 16 miles

Weekly Totals
Swim 18,400 yds.
Bike   11.75 hrs.
Run    44 miles