5/30 - 6/5/2011

This is my 100th post!

Although I did not hit every one of my targets right on this week this is the closest I have come to my optimal weekly training goal. I did a post like this last year when I had a really good week so I figured I would  give the full break down for this week.

Swim 5,300 yds
   'The Primes' - 35 Swims @ :55 Where the Prime Numbers are 50's and all others are 75's
Bike 45 min

Swim 3,100 yds 2X(4X100 @1:15/1:10 , 3X150 IM/mod/build , 3X50 FAST)
Bike  3 hrs - Trainer 2x15 min threshold, 6X(3 min hard 1 min rest), 8X(2min hard 1 min rest)
Run   6 miles Threshold Transition
Swim 5,000 yds 8x(300 descending in groups of 4)
Bike   45 min
Run    8 miles 6X(1 mile @20k pace)

Bike 3 hours  4X(25 min @ Threshold)
Run  4 miles  Race Pace Transition

Swim 5,000 yds 12X(200 Descending in groups of 4)
Bike   45 minutes
Run    10 miles 3X(.5 mi easy & 2 mi @ 40k pace

Bike 3.5 hrs Trainer 3X(20,10,5,4,3,2,1 min increasing power)

Run 16 miles

Weekly Totals
Swim 18,400 yds.
Bike   11.75 hrs.
Run    44 miles

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