7/25 - 7/31/2011

Awesome week of training this week. I was really busy and did not get as much sleep as I usually allow myself or would like but my energy felt really good just the same. I can feel the extra snap in my legs from racing and it is great to have some really great moments durring training  as a result.

Completely overhauled my bike fit this week for my time trial bike in the BG fit center with Wade at Spokesman which was fun and after some disappointing bike splits so far this year it is nice to be feeling optimistic about gaining back some potential time there. I am probably going to do an entire post about the fit soon so stay in touch.

Swim 18,000 yds
Bike   14.25 hrs
Run    42 mi

7/18 - 7/24/2011

Just taking it easy this week to recover from Vineman 70.3. A few aches and pains here and there but nothing major. A week later I am still tired though. I was out for a group ride yesterday and had a long chat with a friend about diet and recovery nutrition, she had some good suggestions that I am going to definitely lok into. I am going to head into spokesman this week and get a serious fit done on my shoes and TT bike just so I can be sure abou that stuff for good.

Swim 9,000 yds
Bike   9.5 hrs
Run   18 mi

7/11 - 7/17/2011

This week I was recovering from Treasure island and prepping for Vineman 70.3 on Sunday. It took a couple of days to loosen up and then each day I was just warming up and stimulating my zones then cooling down and staying loose.

I went into the race feeling good with the exception that the early start left me way short on time to get warmed up. When we started I took it really easy with the beginning of the swim to make sure I would not pop myself at all. I settled in to a good group and swam with Chris Lieto the whole way coming out side by side with him which was cool.

 My wetsuit was much to thick for how warm the water was and I felt like my head was going to explode from being overheated near the end of the swim and so T1 was very disorienting. I had to run up the first hill instead of riding because I was not all together yet. I got pushing the speed on the bike right away and felt comfortable doing so. I felt like I was pushing a really good rhythm throughout the bike, staying within myself but keeping a steady hard effort. I did feel some fatigue in the last ten miles or so and I think that is because I have been going with a lower volume of hours on the bike this year.

I felt great starting the run...loose and smooth, settling right into the turnover and breathing pattern that I wanted. I was surprised that I even had to pee a little early on because of how dehydrated I had been last year. I never expected to be over-hydrated but that is a line that my inexperience makes thin.

A few aches and pains in my feet through the middle section of the run concerned me but never took me out of it. I did have to make a port-o-potty pit stop on the way back on the run but did not loose any places and I timed it (1:20-30) to get an idea of what my time would have been.

The swim and run were big improvements from last year. I started to feel exhaustion creeping in around mile eight or nine of the run and I think that is solely a volume issue that will resolve over time as I get that up.

The bike was a big disappointment. With vastly better equipment than last year I was still four minutes slower. I made an appointment at Spokesman Bicycles with Wade to dial in a TT fit which I certainly don't feel was optimal. I imagine when I am able to handle the big volumes running I can bring back my bike miles and the speed will come back.

All in all it was a good weekend especially being able to spend time with my girlfriend and family, and see some beautiful places. Vineman is a great event and I already look forward to attacking my PR there in the future.

Swim 10,850 yds
Bike   10.5 hrs
Run    26.5 mi

7/4 - 7/10/2011

This week I was resting and preparing for the first of my two big mid season races Tri-California's S.F. ITU at Treasure Island. I did not feel very good early in the as per my usual response to rest but the last day or two that turned around and on race day I really did feel good.

This was a totally new format of race for me as the bike course was draft legal. This made the swim absolute chaos and after swimming with people all over me for the first two hundred meters I settled in behind three guys that felt like they were swimming my pace and hung on.

 Through transition just off the back of what looked like a pretty good group I really pushed the first lap HARD to get up with them. Once settled in I was riding very comfortably at the front of the group and was easily rolling off the front through some of the chicanes. I put a dig in at one point to bridge up to the leaders but group put a chase together and I figured I might as well use them to rest up a bit for the run.

Out of T2 I had cramps across my mid section which may have been from too much water or breakfast I think and stabbing pains in my feet where  my new shoes were not worn in yet. That coupled with the huge anaerobic effort early on in the bike left my run flat and I never loosened up. It was a very poor run for me but given how I finished I am glad to know that I can do better.

Recovery now and then prep for VINEMAN 70.3 in seven days! STOKED!

Swim 9,900 yds
Bike  10.5 hrs
Run   20 mi

6/27 - 7/3/2011

Again an up and down week with the beginning of rest for my big mid season races has come the ups and downs of taper. Energy is never consistent and aches in my muscles and throat come and go daily.

Swim 10,300 yds
Bike   8.25 hrs
Run   24 mi