7/4 - 7/10/2011

This week I was resting and preparing for the first of my two big mid season races Tri-California's S.F. ITU at Treasure Island. I did not feel very good early in the as per my usual response to rest but the last day or two that turned around and on race day I really did feel good.

This was a totally new format of race for me as the bike course was draft legal. This made the swim absolute chaos and after swimming with people all over me for the first two hundred meters I settled in behind three guys that felt like they were swimming my pace and hung on.

 Through transition just off the back of what looked like a pretty good group I really pushed the first lap HARD to get up with them. Once settled in I was riding very comfortably at the front of the group and was easily rolling off the front through some of the chicanes. I put a dig in at one point to bridge up to the leaders but group put a chase together and I figured I might as well use them to rest up a bit for the run.

Out of T2 I had cramps across my mid section which may have been from too much water or breakfast I think and stabbing pains in my feet where  my new shoes were not worn in yet. That coupled with the huge anaerobic effort early on in the bike left my run flat and I never loosened up. It was a very poor run for me but given how I finished I am glad to know that I can do better.

Recovery now and then prep for VINEMAN 70.3 in seven days! STOKED!

Swim 9,900 yds
Bike  10.5 hrs
Run   20 mi

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