9/12 - 9/18/2011

Thanks for all of your encouragement and advice...my ability to make this endeavor work is entirely a function of  the support from my community and loved ones.

After the race last weekend I had a lot of trouble staying motivated and I was really wiped out early in the week. I reluctantly took a day off mid week to recoup some energy which actually did help some. I got to go back to my home town friday and spend some time with my family as well as hit some of my old training grounds which was really nice.

I am feeling mostly recharged and I am looking forward to a few fun races to finish out the season. The Sentinel Triathlon and the Tinley's the next two weekends respectively and then a whole new year to plan for!

Swim 11,000 yds
Bike   9.75 hrs
Run   28 mi

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  1. Eye of the Tiger, by: Survivor

    I dedicate this song to you!