10/24 - 10/30/2011

The new training schedule seems to be working well. I am recovering and hitting all my volume targets so far. One more week to go in this block and solidify my base training block structure. The weather here continues to be absolutely amazing and that is really helping with enjoyment and motivation. The hard part will be keeping this up in the rainy season but for now very stoked!

Swim 18,500 yds
Bike   11.25 hrs
Run    42 mi

10/17 - 10/23/2011

This week I was easing back into base training. Based on gathered advice and some intuition about where I could optimize my weekly schedule I am on a very different schedule from the past year and my body is struggling a little bit. This was a really busy week with extra days at work and lots of social events on the weekend...

...even with all of that I got through everything I need to do; it helped a lot that it was one of the most beautiful weeks of weather we have had here in a while. I think it will take a couple of weeks for my body to get used to the new format but so far I am feeling good about it.

Swim 17,400 yds.
Bike   11 hrs.
Run    36 mi.

10/10 - 10/16/2011

Another rest week this week. I still don't feel all that rested but I have more energy and that is screwing up my sleep cycle  so hopefully being back on a more normal training schedule next week will fix that. This week I worked on a list of sponsorship applications for next year and building a race and media resume. I also researched some strength, flexibility and nutrition techniques and strategies...all of which are areas I feel I have not been employing the best practices and I could benefit more from. Next week will be the start of a slow build back into base training, my absolute favorite time of year.

Swim 8,500 yds
Bike   10 hrs
Run    17.5 mi

10/3 - 10/9/2011

This was a rest week and I was not doing much training. I am doing some work on revamping my training and nutrition schedule to make up for some shortfalls I had this year. Also trying to finish some things over at "Long Journeys" but mainly just trying to stay loose and fresh. My body really hates being inactive though and my mood is not responding well to being so sedentary. I already can't wait to get into some big volumes of base training, which I suppose is a good sign.

Swim 6,000 yds
Bike   7.5 hrs
Run    18 mi

9/26 - 10/2/2011 Scott Tinley's Adventures

This week I was just doing maintenance and recovery work to keep things together for one more week. Five days turn around was not a lot but being the last event of the year I knew I could grit my teeth and get it done.

My friend and I got a ZipCar friday and drove to San Louis Obispo for Scott Tinley's Adventures on saturday. This was one of the most beautiful venues for an event that I have ever been to the hills and valleys are picturesque and the lake is pristine. The aesthetic quality aside though this was a very tough course...I would put it on par with wildflower in terms of difficulty but the ride and run are shorter.

The swim was a really long one and the water was a perfect temperature which was great for me. By the first turn buoy I already had a small gap on the next guy and I was feeling good so I decided to put as much time in as I could. I put in a hard swim and came out of the water first in 42 minutes and I knew with that long of a swim there would be a good gap back to anyone chasing.

Out onto the bike the road rolls around the lake then descends off the dam and spends a long time on the flat, perfectly paved county roads. I don't know why exactly but my legs were definitely hurting and tired so I just tried to keep my heart rate under control and push the gears over. I rode alone for a long while until just before I reached the climb back up the dam when Nicholas Thompson caught me. He went through and I stayed a short way back from him the rest of the ride. I exited the second transition just behind him but he was flying! On my best day I could not have kept up with him but I was really hurting and I was totally cracked after a few miles. I tried to keep up a decent speed the rest of the way and keep hydrated. Although this race totally broke me the area and course are amazing and I am totally glad I went.

This was the last race I am planning on doing this year other than some cyclocross and cross country in the winter. I am going to take a couple of weeks easy and start working on a season plan for next year. This year turned out some great progress and I have learned so much...it is a really good feeling to be finishing the season with a positive mindset.

Swim  12,750 yds
Bike   9 hrs
Run   23.5 mi