10/21 - 10/27/2011

I had a lot of obligations and a lot of running around this week that some how conflicted precisely with all of my primary workouts this week so I just let it go. Counting it as a rest week and back from the start on monday. I got some good stuff out of it though! If you wear a 43.5-44 road shoe or a medium helmet and are interested this stuff is excess gear for me so I'll give it to ya cheap.

Swim 11,600 yds.
Bike   5 hours?!?!?!
Run   23 miles

10/14 - 10/20/2011

Another fairly decent week of base on the new schedule. I think I may have taken it a little too easy last week and for sure made some nutritional mistakes and compromises so I have not been feeling tip top this week. Tip-toed around the rain a little but made a good week of it.

Swim 18,500 yds
Bike   11.5 hrs
Run    41 mi

11/7 - 11/13/2011

Very mellow week this week...ate a lot of things that were not that healthy and was really lazy. Even though next season is a long ways away I still feel the obligation to my self to be smart and diligent about my pursuit so I do feel bad about this week a little. Had a lot of adventures though... 

...and did some sight seeing...

...and finished the week off with a day in the city with my girlfriend enjoying hiking, shopping, snacking and visiting with dear friends. All in all a nice week but I can tell my body is craving the normalcy and efficiency of a my more regimented weeks. Sorry body but the holidays are gonna be rough ;)

Swim 10,200 yds
Bike   9 hrs
Run    10 mi

10/31 - 11/6/2011

This was the last week of my first base block of the new structure. I am very pleased with the results already from my adjustments. I am able to recover better, get more in each week, and I feel more confident about improvement through building and adjusting in general. We had a little hiccup at home this week so I had to take a day off mid week but otherwise completely on target so far. :)

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Swim 15,000 yds
Bike   11.5 hrs
Run    38 mi