1/2 - 1/8/2012

The weather continues to be absolutely beautiful here and despite a few chilly mornings it has been warm and sunny every day! Work was way busy because of all the extra beach/surf-goers in town and I got overly stressed then ate an entire plate of cookies on monday so tuesday was kind of a bust. It was a good lesson in how critical it is to stick to my nutritional plan/parameters. Other than that it was another great week of training.

There were a couple of other important things going on this week for me. Some of you may have heard about this on facebook but Magellan GPS launched their new line of athletic watches and cyclocomputers  and the promotional imagery I shot back in the fall went live on the website. It is a little strange seeing your own face in this kind of context online but it was a fun experience and I made some great contacts because of it. You can check the shots out here under 'view gallery' but please don't poke fun at me :)


The other big thing that happened this week was that  traveled to San Francisco to meet my new team! Every Man Jack is the title sponsor and it is a great group of talented triathletes from all around the bay and I am really excited to be affiliated. Having a team that you can feel like you are working with is a huge boost mentally and will also provide great support at races this year as well as some new sponsorships. The most valuable of which is an association with Purple Patch Fitness from which I hope to gain some very valuable guidance and coaching. There will be more on the team to come as it is brand new and all the details are not exactly finalized.

Swim 18,300 yds
Bike   11 hrs
Run    40 mi

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  1. Eric,
    Congratulations on your sponsorship news. You clearly are going to be even a bigger success now with the right partnership.
    Just because of your sponsorship, I'm off to go buy some Every Man Jack now!