1/9 - 1/15/2012

Swim 20,000 yds
Bike   11.25 hrs
Run    50 mi

I know this is getting a little repetitive but this amazing weather just keeps on rolling and for me that is a big help with my training regimen. I had another good week of training this week with some slightly tougher quality sessions. I was getting very tired by the end of the week and when there is more daylight I think I might try to spread my rides out a little more to help with recovery.

Next week is a rest week and that works out well because my beautiful girlfriend's birthday is tomorrow so I can take the day off! We are gonna enjoy some lazy time, delicious meals ( I made that ^ !) and maybe a picnic in Big Sur...just thinking about a fun day off has gotten me through a lot here at the end of the week.

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