2/13 - 2/19/2011

Good strong week of training this week. I think I am having some trouble with seasonal allergies and that is wiping out some of my lung capacity and energy but it comes and goes and I am feeling great! Some very tough workouts this week and some even better company! There is nothing that makes working hard more enjoyable than having great friends to work with and challenge you. 

Mel and I had an afternoon off and we went down to Manresa for a stroll on the beach. I am going to have to come down and do some beach running here because the beach is relatively flat and it looks like you could run from Seacliff almost all the way to moss landing...that is like 13 miles one direction. After how much I am enjoying longer runs I am almost excited about the idea of a beach marathon...but I may also be geting a little ahead of myself.

It is no big secret that food is a big part of every athlete's life and I definitely embody that truth. This was my favorite meal that I had this week...smoothie, espresso, toast with strawberry jam, cottage cheese and cranberries, and a spinish/tomato/steak scramble + avocado. Again I may be getting carried away :)

Swim 20,000 yds
Bike   12.75 hrs
Run   45 mi

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  1. best breakfast ever! that was so delicious. i'm down for a beach run ;)