3/12 - 3/18/2012

This week I was working on targeting all my quality sessions and compensating with enough recovery work to make sure that I am absorbing the work without breaking down as Oceanside is less than two weeks away. One of my biggest fears was that when the rainy season arrived that I would not be able to keep up proper training because I would loose motivation, or get frustrated. Well this week the rain arrived and we didn't see the sun for five days. Every morning I just told myself that I had things to do and discomfort and inconvenience be damned. I did three huge sessions on the trainer and two long runs on treadmills this week and it wasn't half bad. I am relieved to get a week like this in and be able to let go of the worry that weather will completely disrupt my training.

Swim 20,500 yds
Bike   10.75 hrs
Run    42 mi

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