3/19 - 3/25/2012

Somehow, with all the stuff I put my body through for the past several months, now I get sick. I have been anxious about Oceanside now that I am in the final preparation stages and I know I have not been eating or sleeping well but I am resting and I can't figure how now my body fails me. It is inside a week to go and I am really not happy about having to think about pulling the plug on this one. I have been feeling so strong and confident; I have put a lot into this and always being driven by the dream of getting on course and absolutely laying into the race. I know there will be other races but it has been a long winter without any real test of progress made and that is wearing on me a lot. I am not sure yet whether I will race next weekend or not but I will be spending the next couple of days reading about boosting your immune system.

Swim 10,700 yds
Bike 8.5 hrs
Run 14 mi

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