6/11 - 6/17/2012

This week I was just doing what I needed to get the hard racing from last weekend settled into my legs and get my system prepared to make the big push before Vineman 70.3. I have a couple of weeks before this event which is the big focus of my season each year. It is nice to have some leeway on a week like this so I can do some fun stuff and spend time with my lovely girlfriend. On thursday we rented mountain bikes and rode from the coast up into the mountains and then hiked in to Berry Creek Falls. This is one of my favorite one-day adventures in the Santa Cruz mountains and it was so beautiful. It makes me really want to pack up a bag and go for a stroll in the wilderness for a couple of days and that is currently at the top of my list of things to do when I get some time off.

Thats my girl who is an incredibly naturally talented mountain biker :)


This is a video of the falls in the early spring from the last time I was up there.

Swim 7,750 yds
Bike   8.75 hrs
Run    26 mi

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  1. yay! this was so much fun. now when can i have own my very own mountain bike?! ;)