7/2 - 7/8/2012

This week I finished my last few tough workouts and began my rest break before Vineman 70.3 a week from today. I ended on a high note with training, feeling great and hitting my targets durring tough workouts but as per usual my body does not respond well to rest and I have not felt al that great since I started taking it easy mid week. I know that I will come out the other end of the rest feeling better but I always feel so run down and awful when I am resting that it is hard to maintain even a mediocre mental state.

I did do some fun stuff this week though. There was a three mile open water swim on the 4th of july which was awesome, and with the pressure off we had some time to get out for a few adventures.

Swim 13,000 yds
Bike   8 hrs
Run   26.5 mi

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