Wharf to Wharf & 7/16 - 7/22/2012

This week I was taking it very easy and making sure that everything was loose and warm. I didn't feel too wrecked from Vineman physically but the disappointment of knowing that I left a lot of time out on the course has been siting badly with me. In some ways it is dejecting but in some ways it motivates me to get out there and try again. I felt pretty good by late week and a friend had a bib they were not using for Wharf to Wharf so I figured I would jump in and jog it.

Wharf to Wharf is an incredible event, drawing well over 10,000 participants and thousands more cheering supporters. I showed up only a short while before the event and thanks to people's need for personal space wedged my way up close to the front. There was music and dancing going on near the start and everyone was smiling and chatting. It was awesome to be in the midst of such a huge crowd of   active people all excited for the event.

When the gun went off everyone started sprinting, as overly excited people will do, so even though I was planning on jogging the whole thing I kind of got sucked along at a quick pace in the frenzy. Less than a half mile in I saw my buddy Julian trotting along and I made my way through the crowd to his side. We exchanged greetings and he said that he was setting some pace for a few other athletes and so I fell into stride with him. My legs and lungs felt great and being in a position of having no stress was so enjoyable.

There were tons of bands along the route and they were all jamming! It was totally fun to be along for the ride with all the people pushing themselves, supporters cheering and everyone out for a great time. We did our best to keep a steady pace but I felt like the course undulations and with all the stuff going on around us it was hard to do; it was really fun to do though and I am glad that I didn't just end up jogging it alone.

I have never had so much fun participating in an event and I am really glad that I did it. The pace was just hard enough to give me an idea of what muscles are still fatigued from last weekend and might need some work.

Swim 6,900 yds
Bike   7.25 hrs
Run    14.5 mi

p.s. These started popping up in Competitor Group affiliated publications this week...it is cool but a little strange!

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