The Latest

Some of you know that my trip to Texas to race Austin 70.3 fell through and that was to be the last race of the year for me so my 2012 season has come to an end. I was frustrated that it did not end on my terms but a lot of the time there are things out of our control that we have to come to terms with. I have not been doing a lot since then...I started a new job and have been working a lot so there has not been much to report on. I have been thinking a lot about my season, taking stock and looking forward so I figured I would do a little update on that since there has not been any training to blog about.

Mostly because I began with very lofty goals but also because I have a hard time giving myself credit, I do not feel like I have accomplished all that much with racing. When I started out I dreamed about going all the way to the top and having hug success and over the past couple of years it has become clear that progress comes more slowly as time goes on and to find a notch high on the totem-pole it would take years. I definitely plan on racing pro for a few more seasons but I don't have an interest in racing into my late thirties and then trying to start fresh in a new career in my forties.

I have a few fun events planned this winter, and with the season starting early next year because of Americas Cup bumping up the ESCAPE from Alcatraz triathlon to early March winter will go by quickly. When I gear up with regular training again I will blog more regularly but in the meantime I will probably only pop in for event updates.

Thanks for checking in!