12/24 - 12/30/2012

After the holidays and having been sick last week it was time to get some fitness in. With facilities on holiday schedule swimming has been tough but I tried to get some decent sessions this week.

Swim 13,750 yds
Bike 6.5 hrs
Run 38.5 mi

12/17 - 12/23/2012

I was off to a good start this week but definitely went at it a little too fast and the mixture of cold and rain landed me with a cold so not much to report this week. Next week is christmas and I am looking forward to spending some time with my family but a little worried about not being in shape at all. I registered for escape from alcatraz this week and that race is 10 weeks from tomorrow. I have a long way to go just to get back to where I was and I have a feeling it is going to be a cold and we winter so I am getting a little anxious but nothing worth having ever came easy right?

Swim 6,600 yds
Bike   3.5 hrs
Run   11 mi

12/10 - 12/16/2012 At it Again

This week I began the task of rebuilding my fitness for the 2013 season. I had a solid block of easy time off up until now and even though I was really anxious about loosing my strength, it really did me some good to have time off. I feel fresh and rested, my body is responding well to increased training...feeling rejuvenated and energised with each day. My mind is in a better place as well and I am actually looking forward to the challenge of preparing for some tough races and fast fields in 2013.

One big development in the past couple of weeks is that Specialized has gotten on board as one of my new sponsors for 2013. This marks a huge milestone for me because Specialized has always been on my list of dream sponsors and I have coveted and enjoyed their products for years. I have to give special thanks to the guys at Spokesman and Famly Cycling Center as well as many friends working their connections to make this happen.

From a personal standpoint, things have been really tough lately and I have become more appreciatie than ever for the my community, friends and loved ones. I am so lucky to be able to do the things and have the adventures that I do. Here is some stuff I have been up to.

Swim 14,750 yds
Bike   11 hrs
Run    30 mi