1/21 - 1/27/2012

It has been hard to get a whole week of training in the last couple of weeks. Inevitably something comes up or the weather craps out and I miss a few things here or there. I did have some really good workouts this week though and I definitely feel like I am headed in the right direction.

Swim 13,450 yds
Bike 9 hrs
Run 36.5 mi

1/14 - 1/20/2012

Swim 8,900 yds
Bike 8.25 hrs
Run 10 mi

1/7 - 1/13/2012

I had a fairly strong week of training this week. I got a lot of workouts in, was feeling strong and not too tired. Spent a lot of time shivering because it was pretty cold this week, for California. Got in a beautiful adventure of a ride on Saturday and was glad to be feeling like a strong athlete again.

Swim 15,200 yds
Bike 9.5 hrs
Run 40 mi

12/31 - 1/6/2012 2012 Yearly Totals

Rung in the new year this week with some good sessions but a few setbacks. My sinuses had been suffering from a cold I had and I ended us with some bad nosebleeds, I had to go into work an extra night too so still not a great week but I can feel that I am making some progress towards developing some fitness.

I got to total up all my workouts from 2012 this week and that is always exciting. I had a much less active fall this year compared to last so my totals are a little lower but it is still cool to see it all taleyed up :)

2012 Totals
Swim  681,000 yds
Bike   446.75 hrs
Run    1,314 mi