3/11 - 3/17/2012

This was a good solid week with some hard and fast sessions. This weeks schedule was close to the format that I am looking to for this years optimal training and even though I am worked and some of the sessions were super tough my brain still freaks out from time to time that the total weekly volume is not totally maxed out. I think it is a good exercise for me to trust in the plan and have faith in my fitness.

I got to spend a couple of days back in my hometown of Walnut Creek with my family which I always enjoy so much. Where they live is really beautiful and peaceful. This time of year there are birds and wildlife everywhere, and the air is filled with all the smells of spring. I also had the opportunity to go out on some of my favorite training grounds and gulp the dry inland air which my body seems to thrive on. The vast open areas in the east bay are so beautiful this time of year and when I can train hard in such scenic conditions that makes the experience that much more awesome.

I finished the week off with one of the most incredible runs I have ever done in my life...I wish I had a camera with me because I don't poses the descriptive powers to explain how beautiful the foothills are this time of year.


Mt. Diablo Junction - Overlooking the area I grew up

Mt. Diablo Summit - Looking south toward Patterson

Mt Diablo Summit - Looking west where you can see SF and the GOlden Gate in the Distance

Swim 16,250 yds
Bike   9 hrs
Run    37.5 mi

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