200th POST! 5/13 - 5/19/2012

Early this week I finally felt like I had shaken the last of the wreckage from Wildflower out of my legs and lungs so I have been getting back to building some training up again. The next big event is Vineman 70.3 in July and I have several train-through and prep races between now and then. This weeks training was focused on incorporating race effort into the schedule. This Sunday I was back at Uvas Reservoir (:my favorite venue:) racing the USA Productions 'Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon.' I restructured much of the weeks training so that I could get in some solid work and race hard too, as I am planning on training through this particular race. It was a good week and I was glad to be doing some solid efforts again...my brain does not do well when I am resting too much.

Swim 18,750 yds
Bike   8 hrs
Run    35 mi

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