6/14 - 6/23/2013 Vineman 70.3 Training Camp

The past ten days were one of the few periods in the middle of this season when I will have freedom to train as much and as hard as I want. I have had this marked off on the calendar for a while and had planned a schedule of solid training out. I gathered all of my favorite rides, runs and workouts and planned them into this period in a way that I knew I could get the most out of this period of training. It was a really tough regimen and there were times where I was cracking multiple times in a day but I could feel my fitness really responding. Obviously it is hard to be objective but I feel fitter than I have ever been and I am excited to get some rest in and test the limits of my ability.

Swim 24,050 yards
Bike   17 hours
Run    52 miles

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