10/14 - 10/20/2013

After a good long break, I got back to the business of training this week. I had a lot of good results this year but all at shorter distances and with less training than I need to be strong over the longer races. Next year I am looking at some longer events and I want to be fit enough to be confident racing for 4+ hours. I went into the week ambitions and I did get a lot of good work in but I took it easy when I needed to. 

I am planning on including functional strength training and mobility sessions in my plan in the next year so I will be including those here as well. We have been having beautiful weather the last couple of weeks and it makes training very enjoyable...I hope it keeps up long enough to get into decent shape before real winter arrives. 

Swim  16,500 yds
Bike   10.75 hrs
Run    31.25 mi
F/M   3/2

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