1/13 - 1/19/2014

Things were kind of crazy for me over the holiday season, I was sick and a lot of things got shaken up. This week I finally got to do a little training and it felt good to stretch things out and get my body going again. I set my main goal for the year and that will be The Vineman in late July. It will be my first ironman distance event, on a course I know and love and I am really looking forward to it. I have not figured everything else out for the year yet but other than Vineman I will probably just be focusing on easy and fun local events as I am taking on a few projects and more work this year.


Swim 13,200 yds
Bike  9 hrs
Run   22 mi

2013 Yearly Totals

This was a year of trying to be more efficient by dropping some of the volume and focusing on intensity and quality. I raced well this year on that plan and it was a good experience to be able to let go of my long held dependance on volume alone to assure me of my fitness and potential for performance.

Swim 599,550 yds
Bike   354.25 hrs
Run    1,320.5 mi