Hit Me With Your Best Shot 2/10 - 2/16/2014

Alright people...as some of you know I finally gave in and signed up for an full ironman distance event. For those of you that don't already know the event I picked is The Vineman on July 26th. I love the venue and the people that put the event on do an amazing job. I earned my Professional license there a few years back so it holds a special place in my heart.

Watching all of my friends and teammates produce such amazing performances at the ironman distance last year was what gave me the inspiration to finally commit to doing one. So...what I would like from you guys is for you to send me your favorite ironman prep workouts or sessions. It doesn't have to be the gnarliest thing you did, maybe just something you enjoyed or one of those workouts that really stuck with you. If you can't think of anything, make something up! I am always game to try something new. I will take some of them and plug them into the training schedule somewhere along the line and report back on how it went.

I have so much appreciation for the people in my life and it is you guys that keep me motivated and inspired so I wanted to give this a try!

Fire Away!!!

Swim 16750 yds
Bike 10.75 hrs
Run  30 mi


  1. Hi Eric,
    My biggest, best and most liked 7 weeks before race day prep is:
    Morning swim (bttmZ3)WU 1000, tempo 2500, 4x100 ascending @10sec rest 400 long strokes, breath @ 5strks, 200 WD
    Ride, 90 miles ( BttmZ3) ( HW1 to Pescadero, include BD rd and Swanton out and back, run 20 minutes ( midZ3)
    late afternoon run 90-100 minutes bttm-md Z3>
    Dinner- > Zzzzzzz.s

    1. Rad! Sounds like a killer day Johan! I had something like this in mind actually so when I do put it together I will give you a shout out :)

  2. Eric: you should enter a full ironman that would qualify you to Kona. Before giving up on tri's I was looking into IM Canada in the Vancouver region, which looks awesome.

    1. Thanks for your confidence anon! There are several realities that make KONA an impossibility right now unfortunately. Barring the fact that I could not afford to go even if I qualified, qualifying as a Pro is nearly impossible for someone of my ability. If KONA is in my future it is down the road as an age grouper.