3/17 - 3/23/2014

This was another relatively mellow week with a few short solid efforts sprinkled in. After a couple of weeks rest I got back to running a little and my foot is feeling much better which is a huge relief! We did some work with my TT fit this week and I am hoping to have another TT Bike and Aerodynamics post coming soon with lots of info and thoughts about the process.

Aside from training I went surfing this weekend for the first time in years and once I got over the anxiety of feeling like a complete noob and getting in everyones way, it was awesome to be able to just bob up and down with the waves for an hour or two. The view from the ocean is always so amazing, with the napping otters nearby and front row seats to watch people who really know what they are doing surf at a place like Steamers Lane, it was an awesome day.

I am feeling really good about things to come this year and about myself right now...I have such incredible people in my life and I feel so lucky. I can't believe it but Vineman is 18 weeks away! The big exciting stuff, in terms of training, is coming around soon :)

Swim 10,700 yds
Bike 7.5 hrs
Run 22 mi

3/3 - 3/9/2014

This was a bit of an odd week because I was feeling rested and energetic but I was not able to run. I have had a bit of a nagging pain in my left foot and even though I want so badly to be getting after it, I know I have to give it the time it needs to recover. With great weather all week I used the excess time and energy to ride as much as I could and put in the biggest bike week I have had since 2006! I have been feeling great and I cant wait to get back into a regular regimen next week.

Swim 15,500 yds
Bike 18 hrs
Run 0 mi