3/3 - 3/9/2014

This was a bit of an odd week because I was feeling rested and energetic but I was not able to run. I have had a bit of a nagging pain in my left foot and even though I want so badly to be getting after it, I know I have to give it the time it needs to recover. With great weather all week I used the excess time and energy to ride as much as I could and put in the biggest bike week I have had since 2006! I have been feeling great and I cant wait to get back into a regular regimen next week.

Swim 15,500 yds
Bike 18 hrs
Run 0 mi


  1. are you competing in santa cruz this week?

    1. no competitions for a while Michelle...just getting started for the season adn will probably start racing in may. I hope you are well!