6/29 - 7/5/2014

This was my last hard week of training before I start my taper for Vineman! I am so glad that the rest period has finally come...I have been feeling really run down and summoning the energy to get out of bed had become difficult.

This week included two large days, one on Sunday 6/29 racing with some volume before and after and the second on the following Saturday 7/5 which was a 7 hour day. Almost everything I had planned out and all of the targets that I hoped to hit in this training block went right on schedule so I am feeling good about my fitness and looking forward to seeing what my body will be able to do with some solid rest.

I am also hoping that some recovery will get my mind back on track. I have been having a lot of trouble being positive and feeling good about things this past week so it would be nice if a little rest will let my mood return to normal too.

Swim 18,150 yds
Bike 11 hrs
Run 34.75 mi

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