Tri Santa Cruz 2014

Finish Line Productions' Tri Santa Cruz is one of my favorite events of the year and it comes at such a good time too. Mid-season is always hard and a fun local event is the perfect way to rejuvenate motivation for the second half of the year. With lots of friends and family around and the race happening in my own back yard it is always a great time.

I want to send a special thanks to the guys at Spokesman Bicycles for getting my bike fixed just in time for the event and setting it up perfectly so that I didn't even have to ride it before the race!

The race went almost exactly how I expected it to go and almost exactly how it went last year with John Dahlz and I battling the whole way and finishing whit him less than ten seconds ahead of me. Tommy Zafares was racing this year and has been racing on the ITU circuit so he is on a different level than John or I right now. Tommy got a solid gap in the swim just like we expected and we never saw him again but John and I stayed close trading positions throughout the race but always staying within 30 seconds of each other. Just like last year John had a gap I could not close in the last few miles of the run and I finished just behind him.

I was happy with my time after not having done too much quality work in the past few months and I am excited to dial in some speed-work to try and nail down some good results in the shorter events I have planned the rest of the year.

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